CA Intermediate Both or Single Group Which One to Attempt

CA Intermediate Both or Single Group Which One to Attempt

This is a question which will raise in minds of every CA Intermediate entrant. Let me state the pros & cons of both groups. Pros of both groups will become cons of single group & vice- versa

Pros –

  1. It is easy to clear Group 2 as more practical subjects in Group-1 will help you fetch your aggregate of Group 2. As you want 350 for clearing both groups. Scoring 120 in Group 2 will be enough if you can score 230 in Group 1 which is easier to achieve than 150 in Group 2 as individual subject.
  2. Possibility of Rank, however, possibility to clear both groups at a single go is far more important-thanks to practical portions of Group 1.
  3. There are many students, who have cleared Group 1, started articleship, articleship over, eligible for Final BUT Group 2 is not yet cleared.


  1. Immense hardwork. Group 1 subjects are practical, hence, require a lot of practice. Group 2 will add to the hardwork you need to put-in. It will almost become 1.5times
  2. If you are unable to score 40 each atleast in all subjects of Group-2, then, you will face the position you must not want to. Group-1 cleared & achieving 150 marks in Group 2.
  3. If you are unable to achieve enough marks in Group 1 due to increase in syllabus, you may end up having nothing. Or approximately 40 in all 7 subjects will not be enough making you fail in both groups.
  4. Once attempted both groups & failed in both, it is really difficult to give single group as you will feel that syllabus is done & you can do this. Thus, most people eventually end up giving both groups again & again, however, so many attempts could be saved by giving single group. Further, it will not delay your final attempt in case you cleared single group & chose to start articleship.

Course of action-

  1. First. end up with Group 1 classes & simultaneous preparation. Afterwards, if you think you are well prepared with Group 1, go for Group 2. However, this decision needs to be made well within time.
  2. You may instead of 9months, appear for both groups after 15months with 100% preparation.
  3. Plan well to complete syllabus of Both groups at least 2months before exams so that enough revision can be done.

Points to remember-

  1. Group 1 is very important to clear as early as possible as it can make you move forward in the process of being a CA, as it makes you eligible for articleship.
  2. Group 2 is possible to clear given a little more hard work.
  3. Coaching institutions will mostly try that you appear for both groups so that you take the classes of both groups from same institute, as there is a possibility of loss of prospective customer in case they don;t like Group 1 classes. Not all, but many. BEWARE !!
  4. Proper planning & continuous study can make you achieve whatever course of action you choose.
  5. Instead of utilizing more time on single or both groups, at least focus well on Group 1 initially. Time lost is opportunity lost. You have enough time to decide on how many groups to pursue but don’t let this decision eat up you too many days.


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