Simple tips for preparation of CA exams

The most important thing in clearing exams, believing yourself that yes, I can do so. There is no point in having negative thoughts in mind that CA exams are very tough or for that matter that passing percentage is very low. Even if you have failed in earlier attempt or you did not had a great academic record you can still clear it. Have faith in yourself! Remember every attempt is a fresh attempt. A new innings! Visualize yourself that you already have become CA. Let me tell you it will have a very powerful impact as what can be conceived in mind can be achieved.

Now give yourself enough time for studies and revision. Understand this is a professional course so you can only succeed if you adopt professional approach. Last minute preparation or mugging up won’t work here.

Most of the students get confused whether to give both the groups and one group at a time. No point in discussing with friends or taking advice from others. Remember you and you only are the best judge. You are fully aware of your strengths and weakness. If you can cope up both groups at a time, excellent otherwise even one group is fine.

Remember quality of time spent on studying is more important and not the amount of hours spends on studying! When you are studying, have complete focus on the subject only and not elsewhere.

Make proper time table for your studies on daily basis and review it regularly to ensure that you are sticking to the schedule and not lagging behind. Ensure that you maintain buffer in case of any emergencies.

Ensure you go through all the relevant compilations, amendments notifications, Revision test papers etc. given from the institute. These are very useful.

In exams days don’t unnecessarily stress out yourself take adequate rest also eat nutrition food and fruits. These would keep you alert and fresh.

One last thing treat this exams like another exams you had given in school and college and this would make it lot more easier for you to deal this.

Give your best shot and 100% effort and trust God. You would come out with flying colors.


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