10 Secrets Tips for Cracking CA Exams

Today, CA has become a very professional course. Many aspirants give exams for CA each year but very few people can crack it. The very important thing that you always use to pass CA’s exams is your hard work, good strategy, and dedication. If you work hard by your work then you can fulfill your dreams. In today’s article, we will tell you 10 Secret Tips which can help you crack the CA exam.

CA Examinations are organized by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), the top body of accounts in India, this examination is held twice every year, on 1st or 2nd week of May and November.

Let’s talk about the 10 Secrets Strategy for Cracking the CA Exam.

1:- Regular Study – If you have to crack the CA exam then you will have to study regularly, at least 4 – 5 hours per day, then you will be able to crack the CA exam.

2:- Proper Time Management:-

If you have to crack the CA exam then you will have to learn time management, because time management is very important. You will have to give time to all the subjects, not that you read only one subject, you have to pay attention to all the subjects according to your syllabus and have to do a proportionate time management, if you do study by paying attention to time management You will be able to pass a CA exam.

3:- Mock Test Preparation:-

The Mock Test is a way through which you can easily get a paper and know how your preparation. The mock test is a very good way to understand the feeling of the exam day and be prepared for it. You will know your inner talent from the mock test, and you will also realize your mistakes. Through the mock test, you can test your knowledge and your speed very easily. From the mock test, you know how to manage your time and score good marks. You can also analyze your strategy and make appropriate changes to score more.

4:- Prepare your Handwritten Notes –

You have to prepare your own notes to crack the CA exam; this will benefit you to keep the examination in perspective. We all know that the CA exam is very large and you cannot cover the whole course so easily in one day. If you read from your notes, then you will be benefitted a lot by the revision made notes on the day of the exam. Let me tell you that the best notes are those that you prepared by yourself.

5:- Daily Meditation –

During the exam, you may have a lot of stress. To overcome these problems do regular meditation. Stress is a natural symptom that we often face during our examination. By doing daily meditation, you can overcome your stress.

6:- Use of Social Media:-

Today you can easily get any kind of information from the Internet with very ease. If you use the social media properly you can get any kind of information from the internet. You can also study online with the help of YouTube and Educational websites.

7:- Practices of past year Questions Papers:-

You have to solve the questions of the past year, which kind of questions were asked to you about an Idea last year. Solving last year’s question will tell you how much prepared you are for the examination.

8:-Stick to your plan –

If you have to crack the CA exam, you have to make a plan daily and you should stick to it. Procrastination is the biggest reason for failures. So do not procrastinate or change your plan. You can review your plan for the day that it has achieved what you want it to achieve. If not then make better plan next time.

9:- Stay healthy:

In the time of the exam, you should pay special attention to your health, unless you are healthy, you cannot focus solely on your study. To stay healthy you need to do yoga and meditation regularly. You can reduce your stress by exercising regularly if you want to. Sleep at least 7 hours every night and eat healthy nourishing meals.

10:- Positive Attitude –

You should be away from people who have negative thinking; you should always be in the midst of such people who have a positive attitude. Friends, in today’s times, people always try to pull you down or throw you down. You should always stay away from such people.

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