How to Become a GST Practitioner?

The GST practitioner helps a taxpayer meet the GST related requirements. A taxpayer can appoint a GST practitioner to complete his GST related compliance.

A GST practitioner can apply for GST registration on their client’s behalf, also can file GST returns, refund or pay GST and serve as an authorized representative in any legal matters.


What is the basic condition to become a GST PRACTITIONER?

These are the basic conditions –

  • The person applying for GST Practitioner should be a citizen of India.
  • He should have a healthy brain.
  • He has not been declared bankrupt.
  • He should never have indulged in such a crime, for which he has been sentenced to 2 years or more.


If you become a GST PRACTITIONER, then what kind of GST works can you do?

After being registered as a GST practitioner, a person can do the following work –


1:-He can fill inward or outward supply details.

2:-He can file monthly, quarterly or annual returns on the client’s behalf.

3:-He can deposit the credit in your electronic credit ledger.

4:- He can help in the generation of his client’s e way bill.

5:- He can assist in issuing tax invoices and delivery invoices.


Qualification to become GST Practitioner??


1:-A person who is currently registered as a Tax Return Preparer or Sales Tax Practitioner according to the applicable law and has been registered for at least 5 years.

2:- Be a Higher Studies Graduate or Post Graduate from recognized university of Commerce, Law, Banking.


How to apply to become a GST Practitioner?

STEP: 1- GST PRACTITIONER can be applied online. To apply online, first you need to go to


STEP: 2- After this, the online form will have to be filled for PCT 01 registration. After filling this form, enrollment certificate has to be obtained in Form PCT 02.


STEP: 3- The enrollment certificate is sent to your registered email ID within 15 days. Your enrollment number is written on the enrollment certificate.


STEP: 4- Within 2 years of receiving these enrollment numbers, you will have to take the GSTP exam. Necessary fees will have to be paid for the exam. This exam is conducted by NACIN.


STEP: 5- This exam is taken online, which is reported on the GST portal.


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